We are the eyes and the ears of your brand on digital channels

Discover how our predictive tools could help you anticipate buzz and maximize the impact of your digital presence

Finding a needle in a haystack is an easy job compared to listening to 1.4 billion people on Facebook or analyzing 500 million tweets every day. 

With Foxy Nerds, you can easily listen and analyze what people are saying about you on digital channels, whatever time of the day or night.

Who was the last person who spoke about you on digital channels?

No magical skills... Just powerful AI

There is no trick - our mathematical models, developed by a bunch of nerds, have allowed you to detect a buzz since the start. And this is what is giving you all the time you need to remain in control of your communications.

Don't wait for your taxi driver to tell you what the trending topics are. It's too late. Get to understand your audience and its expectations better through our feelings analysis system. Hold all the cards so that you can better meet their expectations.

Create the trend... don't lag behind it

A Global Platform for a Major Challenge

3 additional functions which, once combined, create a unique value for you

Social Listening

Monitor your brand and anticipate buzz

Augmented Analytics

Discover what your community feels about you 

Influencer Management 

Find the best partners to broaden your communication


Create pipes to spot exactly what matters to you

A fox in the team

No complex charts! Visualize the impact of your communication in the blink of an eye

Nerds never sleep

A bad buzz during the night? Don't worry our tools never stop working for you

How it works

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